Academy Information


  • Set Goals and develop a plan to achieve them
    - Develop a concise destination for each player and construct a blueprint to reach it
  • Do the little things right
    - It is the small things that matter. Doing that little extra that others won't is what separates champions.
  • Respect the game
    -Tennis is difficult and only the people who respect how difficult it is to master actually get close to perfection.
  • Break things down and build them back up
    - If the base is not strong, you cannot have a high peak. Break it down to the basics and build it back up.
  • Control what you can control
    - Do not spend time worrying about things outside of your control. Make every aspect within your control perfect and the outcome will be there.
  • Take pride in working hard
    - Know that working hard separates you from the rest. Make that part of who you are as a person.
  • Champions are not born, they are made
    - Champions do not have natural talent. They are carefully crafted through work and commitment.

Expectations At Smith Tennis

  • Responsibility
    - It is the player's job to supply maximum effort and control the aspects of their tennis that they have the ability to
  • Respect
    - Players must have a great amount of respect for themselves, the game, and other players
  • Pride
    - Players should take pride in the academy and the work they and other members do here
  • Focus
    - The engagement and purposefulness of every practice should be at the utmost of their ability
  • Fun
    - Tennis is fun, and we expect players to have fun getting better with us
  • Unselfish
    - Players should care about how other players are doing at the academy as well. Another player's success is also theirs.
  • Improvement
    - The constant strive to get better on a daily basis.
  • Confidence
    - The mindset that they can accomplish any challenge that is put in front of them.
  • Enthusiasm
    - That they will tackle life's difficulties with energy and positivity.

Principle Values

  • Dedication
    - Being able to commit oneself to an objective entirely, regardless of the difficulty or fear involved
  • Work ethic
    - The ability to push oneself farther than they could previously, building upon themselves.
  • Toughness
    - Not letting any person or anything prevent you from reaching your goal
  • Resiliency
    - The determination to keep trying even if you do not succeed on the previous attempt.
  • Competitiveness
    - The willingness to fight for what you want no matter what you are fighting against.
  • Integrity
    - Saying and meaning the same thing, committing to your own values.
  • Honesty
    - Doing the right thing regardless of the situation or if someone is watching them.

Over the years Smith Tennis Academy has sent more than 150 tennis players to successful colleges and bright futures